Phase II Sealer Enhancer (5 gallon)


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V-SEAL Concrete Sealer will wear away only when the substrate itself wears away to the lowest penetration of the sealer.  However, science has revealed new means to enhance lasting benefits and restore like-new benefits to worn substrates previously sealed with V-SEAL.  V-SEAL PHASE 2 (P2) is specifically formulated as a secondary application to V-SEAL 101, 102 and 101ER.  It contains a molecular structure that is significantly smaller than V-SEAL, which by itself cannot match the sealing power of V-SEAL.  However, combining the two molecular structures increases substrate strength, moisture repellence and stain resistance – similar to filling a container with golf balls, then filling it again with bb’s.

P2 is a colorless, odorless water-based solution of specialized reactive chemicals that penetrate concrete surfaces to seal, densify and harden the material. P2 is a water based product and as a result is V.O.C. compliant and environmentally safe to use.  P2 penetrates up to 5mm into the concrete surface and undergoes a chemical reaction that turns the concrete substrate into a hardened, more densified mass. Surfaces treated with PHASE 2 are not only more abrasion resistant, but are more resistant to chemicals and water than untreated concrete.

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