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V-Seal 102 Concrete Sealer is a penetrating sealer designed for use on both new and existing broom finish concrete and rough surface masonry. V-Seal 102 Concrete Sealer is a great driveway sealant that will provide a number of imperative benefits.

  • Increases surface strength
  • Repels moisture
  • repels salt
  • repels oil

Siliconate is the only active ingredient used in reactive penetrating sealers that is cross linking, meaning that it bonds to the substrate and itself, creating a membrane of protection at and underneath the surface of the substrate.

V-SEAL 101 and 102 both contain a high solids concentration of siliconate.

Product Recommendations:

For broom finished concrete or porous block: V-SEAL 102

For smooth concrete, stamped concrete, exposed aggregate, brick, pavers, stone, and stucco: V-SEAL 101

Recommended Uses & Applications for V-Seal 102 Concrete Sealer:

  • On existing concrete or new construction
  • concrete driveway sealant
  • concrete sidewalk sealant
  • concrete basement walls and floors
    • for basement waterproofing
    • to protect against mold and mildew
    • protect against radon gas
  • pre-cast concrete and tilt-up walls
  • concrete pavers and decorative block
  • concrete pool decking
  • split face block, or brick retaining walls

V-Seal 102 Concrete Sealer and Driveway Sealant can be used in residential, commercial and industrial applications.

  • One step application, fast dry, no smell, no shine
  • Safe for indoor use
  • EPA, FDA, OSHA compliant
  • Waterborne and User Friendly
  • Permanent Chemical Linking
  • DPS – A Deep Penetrating Sealer, improving overall strength
  • 2% Vapor Transmission Rate, superb for freeze / thaw climates
  • Excellent test data, ASTM 309 & 1315
  • As the cure on newly interior and decorative concrete use

Vigorous testing and a growing track record continue to support the outstanding performance of V-SEAL 102 Concrete Sealer and Driveway Sealant.

 Vigorous testing and a growing track record continue to support the outstanding performance of V-SEAL 102 Concrete Sealer and Driveway Sealant.V-SEAL 102 is a reactive penetrating proprietary catalyzed potassium siliconate solution that permanently fuses within porous substrates of concrete, brick, stone, and mortar to significantly increase surface strength; combat freeze/thaw damage, scaling and spalling; and limit penetration of stains and damaging impurities such as oil, gas, grease, and salt.  V-SEAL 102 reduces dusting, retards mold and mildew, restricts efflorescence and hydrostatic moisture, and imparts waterproof characteristics. V-SEAL 102 is breathable with minimal impact to traction coefficient.  V-SEAL 102 exceeds test criteria of ASTM C156 and meets all criteria of ASTM C309 for curing new concrete.  V-SEAL 102 creates a cross-linked insoluble methyl-silicone internal membrane that will wear away only if the substrate itself wears away below sealer penetration.   V-SEAL 102 contains proprietary copolymers for enhanced curing of broom finish concrete and superior protection from salt and freeze/thaw in harsh winter climates.

Recommended Uses: Sealing residential and commercial structures such as roads, driveways, parking decks, sidewalks, patios.  Masonry products such as pavers, block, and porous stone.  Architectural features such as countertops, mantels, furniture, ponds, fountains, and statues. Horizontal or Vertical.  Above or below grade.  Compatible with most glues or topical coatings.  Promotes curing of new broom finish concrete.

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