Permanent Wood Foundation or PWF

Always wanted to build your dream home, but wanted the extra space for living, storage, and storm protection a basement or underground level could provide? We believe there is a cost effective and easy to finish answer to this money saving option! Permanent Wood Basement foundation! We can offer you a variety of choices either in panelized, or on site stick constructed Permanent Wood Basement Foundation Walls!

Have you seen a 50 – 60 – 70 year old Concrete or concrete block foundation? Cracks, leaky, musty, and expensive to tear out and repair!

The key to Permanent Wood Foundations are found in this FREE Report (Click Here to get the PWF details) that tells the story of how long and how good a properly installed PWF can perform! Build year around with NO EXPENSIVE concrete REQUIRED!

We can offer you various levels of completion:

  • Complete Excavation & PWF Package for homeowner specified Home package
  • Complete Excavation, PWF, & Home Shell Package
  • Provide Complete Panelized PWF package for homeowner specified Home package for homeowner completion
  • Provide Complete Panelized PWF & Home Shell Package for homeowner completion



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