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Trouble Shooting Guide for Drained Youth ATV battery


Is your child’s ATV battery always drained?

If so, it maybe because of the remote control system installed on most kid’s ATVs. Although this is a great feature for the beginning rider, the system is always on and can drain your battery without you even knowing it. You have a few choices to avoid a constant drain from your remote box.

  • The first choice is, you can unplug the remote when not in use. [*see note below for this disconnect option].

  • The second choice is to keep a trickle charger on the battery when not in use. And last, you can disconnect the battery cable from the battery.

All of these will work to help keep your battery charged and have a happy rider!!

*To disconnect the remote box, find the round alarm [see picture above] and trace the wires from it to the brain box. Unplug the connector from the harness.


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