Linhai – Meet the Manufacturer


Linhai logoWho is Linhai?

Linhai is a leader in the manufacture of affordable, high quality motorsport products. Linhai is a manufacturing powerhousewith expertise and experlinhai collageience dating back to 1956.

Why does this matter to you?

Simple. Linhai is committed to being the best. This commitment means they are not afraid to put their name on their products. You’ll notice that with many of the “new entrants” in the North American powersports market, the label you see on the side of the ATV is completely different from the label you see on the VIN plate. It’s not uncommon to see products from 5 different manufacturers being sold under the same brand. Certainly there are some short term advantages to this, but as a consumer of this type of product, should you not be concerned with long term stability? Where will this manufacturer be in 2 years when you need that replacement part?


If the company importing the product isn’t confident enough to put the manufacturer’s name on the product they are selling you, what does that tell you about their relationship with the factory?

Linhai’s technological and financial strength has led to many successful joint ventures including the Jiangsu LINHAI-YAMAHA Motor Co.,Ltd. This has expanded the strength of the Linhai Corporation by improving the technology and quality of its products. Click here to read more

Tell me more about Linhai…

Linhai Powersport products are produced by the Jiangsu Linhai Group. This company was founded in 1956 and has been developing and manufacturing small engines and machinery for 60 years.

Linhai’s experience in engine and machinery development led them to the 2001 release of their first ATV. This ATV was developed for the North American market, a 300cc liquid cooled model and the predecessor for the current 300SE.

The quality of a Linhai engine has been recognized worldwide and their name has become synonymous with quality and reliability.  Many competing Asian manufacturers have approached Linhai to purchase their coveted motors for these alternate “brands” that are “assembled” verses manufactured. Contrary to many manufacturers; Linhai refuses to sell engines. They understand that it would dilute the Linhai brand. The engine is the heart of any ATV, and to build a credible brand, you must have a credible engine.

500_Green_Left_frontLinhai is committed to investing in advanced, sustainable technology. This commitment is reflected in their new 500EFI UTV. This ATV features Delphi technology Electronic Fuel Injection (Click here to read more) . This efficient system helps improve the performance and minimize the environmental impact of this UTV. Expect to see Delphi EFI systems on many future Linhai ATV & UTV products.

Linhai’s future product development is focused in four main areas: Expanded ATV line (including larger displacement models), Motorcycles (Including scooters up to 400cc EFI), Power equipment (A full line of yard care products, including zero turn mowers), and electric power products (Including zero emission scooters, zero emission yard care equipment, and more…

Linhai understand that success will come from offering customers a great product, for a great price, powersport products that do what they need to do, at a price most can afford. This simple formula for success seems to have evaded many in the industry, who’s focus seems to be on bigger=better, neglecting the fact that this also means more expensive. Have fun, do more, save money, Ride Linhai.