BMS Motor – The Company

Why BMS?


When it comes to buying a powersports vehicle, we know you have a lot of choices. Like the automobile industry, the powersports industry is flooded with brands all making claims that they are “the best”, “the biggest”, “the fastest” or “the most powerful”. Many people who go out looking for “the best”, “the biggest”, “the fastest” or “the most powerful” soon realize the cost to have such niceties is simply out of reach.

Powersport manufacturers continue to vie for consumer mindshare and dollars by developing compelling new models engineered to drive sales and profits. As a smart shopper, the key is to look beyond the hype to the virtues and features that matter most to you and ensure you’re buying a product that truly meets your specific needs and excels based on real-world tests, rather than merely perceptions or empty marketing slogans.

What most people look for in a powersports vehicle is the best deal, a perfect balance of everything they are looking for and at a price that they can afford.

  • Quality

    At BMS we strive to make every product we sell the best it can possibly be at a price you can afford. Finding the balance between quality and price is what gives you value. You want the best deal you can get without sacrificing quality, safety or performance.

    What you want is “more bang for your buck”.

    All of the products we distribute must meet important quality standards that are both regulated by the government and that which we self impose. Not only are our products tested by federally regulated laboratories but we also take them out and do real-world tests ourselves. Products that don’t meet our stringent criteria simply don’t make it to our dealers showrooms. As little as 10 years ago quality was not even a word that could be uttered when discussing China made vehicles and in some cases that is still true today. Many brands have come and gone but one brand is still making waves in the vehicle industry pond and that brand is BMS.

  • Service

    BMS FACILITYWhen it comes to service after the sale, no one in the China powersports industry compares to BMS, NO ONE! Our dedicated support center is staffed by seasoned professionals who work closely with our parts department to make certain that each product lives up to your expectations. All BMS products are backed by our 1 year limited warranty*. With hundreds of dealerships and service centers nationwide, rest assured in the rare case that you may have an issue, you will be back up and riding in no time.

  • Value

    Finding the balance between price, quality and the features you want is not easy and we recognize this important fact. At BMS we monitor the market very closely to make certain that our products meet the demands of the most discerning consumer. We also work directly with each manufacturer we partner with to make certain that each component part of the products we make or distribute meet or exceed industry performance standards. We then work on bringing these products to you with the quality you expect, while at a price you can afford.

    We also make it a point to create products that have standard features which are normally only options on competitors products. We invite you to directly compare our products with any competitor “feature by feature” and then finally compare our price. As you will soon find out, BMS is the best value in the market today, PERIOD.

    BMS is not the most expensive powersports supplier and we certainly are not the cheapest. What we feel we have is a perfect balance between offering a product that performs as expected and at a price that appreciated. Our management team, tech support and service team are all avid riders ourselves. We actually ride what we sell and simply put, if we don’t like it, we don’t sell it.

    * See warranty for details